Exercise!! Exercise!!

I am trying really hard to keep fit nowadays... Realised that I've been eating and eating but not really moving much. Tummy is building up... Though I may look slim overall.. but the tummy is protruding out more than usual and nooo! it is not no.3 on the way!

Hopefully my once a week aerobics class and at least once or twice a week jog will help to prevent the tummy from protruding more if not cut it down. I very much wanted to interest the kid to move with me. Dec is still quite ok, but Kenji is kinda lazy... just a short walk and he'll be asking us to carry him... weak leh...

Saturday morning all of us woke up early so we went for a morning walk and ended up at a fitness corner at sunset way. I must say the fitness corner is kinda cool, with weight lifting and arm tonning stations etc.

I did some sit ups and Kenji upon seeing me do that tried to imitate as well. Of course, his he dun have much strength at the abs so he only manage to lift his neck. The dad then went on to help and teach him how to do sit up hahaha. He looks really cute attempting really hard to achieve a proper sit up. Let's hope soon, my boys will be able to jog with me :)