Guessing Game

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Q : Guess what is he doing and with what?
A : He is using the TV remote control and pretending that it is a mobile and yakking away with his imaginery friend, or maybe girlfriend i suppose.

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Q : What do you think he wants?
A: He dragged his dad to the fridge and wanted him to open it. So dad obliged thinking that he wanted some fruits as usual. However, this time he didn't reach out for the fruits, he just stood there and stare blankly into the fridge. The dad called for me and asked me to deduce what I thought he wanted, I took a look at him, saw his satisfied look and asked :" baby, you want cold cold is it?" He nodded. -_-" He open the fridge not for food... but because he wanted air con..... ji la kat...

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Q : What do u think he is doing this time?
A : It was is first official stay up in our own nest and he learnt real fast that the wardrobe up there works on a slidding mode... the moment he woke up, without second thought, he walked to the wardrobe, slid open the door and took out his barney song book and start hitting the buttons for songs..

Still Down

The poor little chap is still puking on and off and running slight temperature averaging about 37.3 degrees. I gave the PD a call yesterday and he said that we need not bring him back since he is generally still active. That's something which I am quite glad about. At least he's still moving around, though not as much as his usual self. He's been sleeping alot though. We were wondering whether he ate something wrong as 1 day before he was ill, we brought him for a jap buffet. We didn't feed him sashimi lah, he just ate cooked stuffs and of course plenty of desserts... look at how this boy was enjoying his food just a day before he was down.

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That's him eating mango pudding. He loves it. I think he ate 2 of those

Since it was a holiday, we brought mil, sil and evelyn along too.

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Look at the ice cream I created!! Don't it looks professional??

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opps sorry I got carried away.. I'll get all excited when i talk about food. I just love to it. yummy yummy. We were actually invited to a new year's eve lunch by one of my business associates tomorrow but seems like we won't be able to make. The virus had in fact migrated to the dad and I have a funny growl going on in my stomach, seems like I will be the next one....

18 months

Dec is exactly 18 months today and guess what's his pressie?


He woke up puking this morning and went all "lembake". Sent him down to PD and PD diagnose gastice flu. Today is Daddy's last day of leave and seems like we gotta shelve all plans...

Our Boxing Day

What's the next most sensible thing to do after X'mas?? That's right!! Pressie opening time!!! The guests whom we had over on X'mas day pot luck session were nice, they brought along pressies for Dec though we did arrange for a gift exchange.

Look at Dec and his pressies!
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In all he a Barney song book, a singing Barney, a sesame street alphabet desk and building blocks from our guests. Notice a doggie wearing the yellow raincoat? That's a pressie from my aunt. He also got another song book from my uncle as well as a Barney haversack from Angelia. Plenty of barneys huh? Guess what's his favorite?

It's none other than the Barney Song Book.

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Guess what's my favorite?? It's the singing dog in the dick tracy look alike yellow raincoat hehhehee. It's really cute u know!!! It can sing and dance to the tune of "Singing in the rain"! It really pumps up the christmas mood and it makes me smile. I know i know... it's Dec's pressie not mine.. but I love it all the same :p

Our Christmas Day

Christmas Day we set out early and left to our very own nest at Jurong West. It’s been 1 year plus since we last stayed up there. Kiat invited his colleagues over for pot luck and we wanted to be there early to buy our share of contribution and also to clean up the place a little. We had “unexpected additions” that day… -Keith and Evelyn. sigh….. let’s not talk about it… Anyway, they came in “handy” as they helped us carried our purchases back.

After getting drinks, honey baked ham and fruits, we chanced upon a free ice cream offer while searching for ribs! In the end we didn’t manage to get the ribs, instead each one of us get a free cup of yummy ice cream which normally cost $2.80 each. What a steal!

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After enjoying our ice cream we headed home. It was a long and tiring journey... we don't drive... so we had to drag all our groceries and a toddler home with the help of 2 kids...

AFter we recuperated from the "tough journey", our christmas mood came. Look at us playing santa!

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Can't get a nice family "santa" pic as Dec kept wanting to pull of the hat... so the evil mama and papa decided to do away with the uncooperative toddler whahahhaha

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Ain't the 3 little santas cute??

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It’s pot luck time!!

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Looks yummy huh?!

We had log cake, honey baked ham, smoked duck, sandwich platter, sushi platter (not in the pic as the guest bringing it came pretty late), satay, steamed corn, fruit platter, drinks, beer and wine!

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After we ate and all guests left, look who's cleaning up??

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Master Dec! Nah... just kidding, he's just messing around with that thingy. Kiat did all the cleaning while all I did was laze around :p

Merry Christmas 2006!!!!

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Merry Christmas!!! HO HO HO!

The Dad is on LEAVE

The dad is on leave from 23rd to 28th Dec! Yahoooooooooooooooo!!! That means we can cramp plenty and plenty of activities into this period of time! Let’s see what we have done so far :

23rd Dec 2005, Friday

All of us woke up at about 9am. Our first destination was to the West Coast Branch of Modern Montessori International (MMI) School. I’ve been contemplating whether to send Declan to the MMI’s playgroup. The difference between the full day and half day fees is just $3 due to the diff in subsidy. Ain’t it absurd???? I’ve never thought of sending him in there full day as I prefer him to grow up in a home environment. Having said that, I also wanted him to have some different activities other than cooping up at home and watching Barney VCDs. So, probably I will look at sending him in on alternate days on a half day basis. He was very curious at the environment and he keeps meddling with the Montessori toys when we were there. Anyway, I’ll decide on that later, most likely I will send him in after CNY. No pictures were taken as I am not sure whether it was allowed.

After MMI, we brought Declan together with us to KBox for KLunch. Heheheheh. After watching us using the microphone for a while, he figured out that he’ll he able to amplify his voice if he speaks into the rounded thingy. He picked up the idle microphone and said “ba………” into it in a mono tone. Mostly likely he is trying to sing hahaha… We fed him muffin and vitasoy while he swayed a little to some music and watch the video intently.

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However, he spent most of his time destructing KBox’s property though :p After we are done, the muffin crumbs were everywhere, it left the seats oily and sticky. His vitasoy was spilled all over the table, the stand holding the flyers and menu was chipped at one corner as he threw it on the floor, coasters were everywhere :p I bet we had since been black listed.

After singing karaoke, we headed home for a nap before we headed to EXPO for a great magic play “Magic of Love at Christmas” starring the renown local father and daughter magician duo Lawrence & Priscilla.

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A business associate invited us to the play. Having not look at the invitation card properly, I thought it will be another Christianity theme play. Upon arriving, when I saw the stand up bill board with Lawrence and Priscilla’s face then I realize that it will be something different. It was really a great show, not the usual magic shows which we saw on TV. Magic was incorporated into a play with a very heartwarming story, it’s a pity that we had to leave during the 15 mins break as we were running late….. Though the show was good, Declan fell asleep less than half an hour into the show… The consoling fact was that we watched the play for FREEEEE. No photos taken either as it was not allowed.

24 Dec 2005 Sat

We started our day with breakfast at CafĂ© cartel. This time we brought mum in law along. This is actually our Christmas meal. Usually folks will have Christmas dinner, this year we decided to make it a little different by having “Christmas Breakfast”. The food was cheap and good! All breakfast set comes with free flow of bread, coffee or tea and a muffin! Yummy Yummy!

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After breakfast we went shopping. I had to do some last minute x’mas shopping and we all got home at about 3+pm. We nap again, afterwhich I woke up to wrap the presents, laze around a little, had dinner and off we went to 3rd uncle’s place for a BBQ session. Kiat and myself didn’t eat much but our little monster ate plenty! BBQ chicken, maize, fruits and cheese biscuits too!

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He met a little friend at the BBQ. They are born just 2 months apart. Being the "kor kor" he kept patting the "di di's" head when he walked past him. So funny hahaha. Dec also tried holding his hands and they even attempted shaking hands. Just like what adults do when they met. Dec also went digging for cheese biscuits and shared with Shi Jie (the little friend's name). It's a chore getting Declan to sit still so that I can get a pic of the 2 of them together. Shi Jie is the tamer of the 2. He can sit quietly for long period of time, unlike my little bulldozer.

Wow! We actually did so much within 2 days! Wonderful! but poor daddy and baby are really tired.

Eating Habit

Declan's eating habit is very erratic. He snacks alot and he don't usually finish his meals. He can't sit still to finish one square meal. More often than not he'll be too restless and impatient to sit throught the whole course of his lunch/dinner and when he don't finish his main meals, he'll ask for snacks every now and then. I'll just give it to him as I don't want him to go hungry just to discipline him on meal routines. It don't make sense also if I were to feed him heavy meals whenever he ask for snacks right? Some parents may agree while some parents may wag their fingers and shake their heads at me for doing that.

In fact, in my case, more parents think that my practice is not right. I start to question myself whether I am doing the right thing by giving him little snacks when he ask for it. However, looking at how little he eats during his regular meals, I do feel concern about his nutrition intake and that will spur me to give him his snacks.

An article i read from Baby Center assures me that what i am doing is not really wrong. The articles says :

It's probably unrealistic to expect your energetic toddler to sit still for three square meals a day, so try giving your child a variety of foods (yogurt, pizza, fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers) throughout the day to keep hunger pangs at bay. Remember, a hungry, sleep-deprived toddler is a meltdown waiting to happen

Phew.... so now I feel better whenever I give him snacks and I give him healthy snacks like yogurt, yogurt drinks, cheese sticks, fruits and biscuits etc.

What food do you mamas give your little one as snacks?

Shopping for new year clothes

First of all I will like to share with all that I've got a new phone!!! Which means, I will be able to snap more photos on the go and post it here!

Yesterday the whole gang (includes kiat, his sis's family and his mum) went shopping together after my work. The whole bunch of us spent about 3 hours in Orchard OG. As usual, the females enjoy the shopping, the kids enjoy treating the whole 3-4 levels of retail space as their playground while the men get all frustrated and exhausted babysitting the kids. Poor Kiat spent the whole time chasing after Declan and putting up with Dec's struggle to break free from his grasps. I know it was very tiring for him but no choice we have to get the shopping done. This year's new year is exceptionally early and we have not bought any new year clothes yet.

Wanna see what my little monster did throughout the 3 hrs? Here you go :

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hmm don't understand why all toddlers like to hide under the clothes racks..

there was a point where I think Dec got really tired of running around and he just went "orh orh" (sleep) and lied down on the floor and started rolling around... It was quite a funny sight

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He really knows how to make himself comfortable.. while taking a sip from his magmag cup, instead of standing or sitting on the floor while drinking, he choose a rack which height was just right for him to rest his butt on.

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At the end of 3 hours my acquisitions are as shown :

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3 pair of pants, 1 t-shirt, 1 shirt and a pair of shoes for Dec. It's extremely difficult to buy nice clothes for little boys... Pretty clothes are everywhere for little girls but for boys.. it's always the boring looking stuffs... I was quite glad to be able to hunt down these pieces for him. The pair of cargo pants and white bermudas was a steal as they only cost $7.90 each!!! and we got the rest at 20% off the retail price. The pair of shoes was a "pushy buy"... We tried it on for Dec and he refused to let it go.. so no choice.. gotta pay for it...

Throughout the 3 hours we only manage to hunt down clothes for Declan, I was fortunate to find a piece of jacket at only $19.90!
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Poor Kiat didn't get anything except aches all over his body for babysitting Dec. MIL got a bonia handbag and Sil bought some clothes for her children too.

We manage to get 2 OG member cards from all the shopping. Not too bad yah?? hmmm I will gear up more this weekend to start hunting for Kiat and my clothes. Otherwise we will have a handsome baby with sloppy parents on CNY.

WANTED - Phantom Caller

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Crimes Committed as follow :

Crime 1
Victim - Christina Chiow (CC) (Suspect's mum {SM} secondary school classmate whom was dear to the mum's heart but do not keep in frequent contact)


SM : Hello
CC : Hello, wei Ivy, you called me? Wahhh what "wind" makes you call me.
SM : Huh?? no leh, I didn't call you leh.
CC : Got let, I got a miss call from your number.
SM : Issit?? But I really didn't call you leh

Suspect's mum and victim continued to chit chat for awhile before hanging off afterwhich the mum check the mobile dailed list and confirm that there was an outgoing call to the suspect. Who could have done it?


Crime 2

Victim - Mr Cheong (Suspect's Mum ex contractor turn good buddy)


C : Hey Mdm Ivy, why ah?
SM : Huh?? Why what?? You call me and then ask me why somemore??
C : No mah you call me mah!
SM : No what you are the one who called me what!
C : My mobile registered a missed call from your number leh
SM : ohhh... sorry about that.. its' not me.. who called.. it's probably.....

Suspect's Mum went on to advice victim 2 that unless he received more than 2 miss calls, if not no need to return call.


Crime 3

Victim - Vanessa (V) (Suspect's Mum ex colleague whom she seldom keep in contact)


V : Hi Ivy, didn't hear from you for a long time
SM : Hi Vanessa, yeah.
V : What's up?
SM: Huh?? nothing ah.
V : U called right?
SM : Huh??? no leh
V : hmmmmmmm

Suspect's mum went on to explain how she was victimized...

Crime 4

Victim - Ah Chuan (AC) (Suspect's Dad Brother in Law)

Our house phone goes Ringggggggg at 11+ night time

AC : Hello Ivy ah, you looking for me ah?
SM : Me?? No leh
AC : hmmm ok nvm, maybe I see wrongly.

AC hangs off and not long after the house phone ring again

AC : Hey you just call me again?
SM : No leh
AC : Got leh..
SM proceeded to peep in the room and saw suspect meddling with her mobile phone..
SM: Oh it's not me.. it's Declan.. Sorry about that
AC : Ok....

Crime 5

Victim - Leonard (L) (Suspect's Mum Friend)

Met on MSN
L : hey got 1 night ahhh your son called me at 11+
SM : Issit?? hahaha how you know it's him?
L : I thought how come u called me so late and when I answer the call I heard a baby babbling away
SM : ahhhahaha sorry sorry.


There are various other victims who did not formalized their report to the authority on the phantom calls make to them. These crimes stated above do not include phantom sms sent out and also calls make to 999.....

Killer Banner

It took me 3+ hours to replace the template... make a good guess how many hours I took to add th 3 pics on the title bar..?

FOUR HOURS!!! What the hell... I don't believe I'm really such an html idiot.... I can't believe it actually took 4 of my precious hours just to insert 3 pics on the top...

I did it cos mama Jessie says the title bar looks empty.. and I do agree.

Now I probably need to go lie down for another couple of hours to nurse a shoulder ache.... Adios folks....

New Year New Look

Finally, I got my butt up and do something about the monotonous look of my blog. Seeing that many mamas had took great pain and effort to give their blog a fresh look, I guess I should not just sit around and let my baby's blog rot. Wanting to do it is one thing, getting down to doing it is another... look at the time now?? wahhhh 2:36am already.... Applaude my effort please!!! I'm an IT idiot... i nearly died while changing the template... the html codes nearly killed me.... so if you guys spot any flaws just ignore it ok??? Mercy mercy me!!! I can't fix it!!

Looking back, my first post was on 21 December 2004. Wow! It's nearly a year since I started blogging about my little boy. How time flies and when I relook at the photo in that post, the grouchy boy in there does't look like the one sleeping on my bed now at all. It just reminded me how fast these little ones really grow.

So let this new look be a little pressie to myself and my boy and hope that I will have time and energry and enough brain cells to continue to update about him in years to come. Cheers! Merry X'mas!

Hot Babe

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Don't he looks "hot" in this pic? Jokes aside, I'm really having a hot babe in the house... his temperature measured 39 degress this morning at 3am.. he was twitching and to me it looks a little like shivering or convulsion, I'm not really sure... what I'm damn sure was his little fingers turned purplish. That jotted us out of bed and rush him down to Mt Alvernia.

Did a blood test and everything turns out fine. Phew! However doc says that having high temperature for 3 days it's unusual. His fever come and go come and go. Doc suspects throat infection. I'm glad that he's still very active despite the temperature.

Let's hope he'll be "cool" soon, otherwise we'll need to send him in to Mt A again....

Faves of Dec

There are a couple of things which Dec loves.

First of all, his all time favorite is food and snack.

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He loves cheese but not cheesecake. What a waste as his mum is an all time cheesecake fan. He now knows how to get food for himself from the fridge. Sometimes when he fails in plying open the fride, he'll pull anyone who is free by the hand, by the collar, by the leg, by the shirt etc to the fridge and goes "nahhh nahhh" He'll ask for the "little gems" (grapes) which we kept in there for him or he'll hit the lower drawer to get "ball ball" (orange)

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He's got plenty of toys and that little noisy "piano" is one of his favorite. He'll dance and swirl around with its music and sometimes when he refuses to sleep, we can even use it to coax him to sleep. Can't imagine he can actually sleep with the "music" this little noisy thing makes. He practically can hug it to sleep.

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Look at this yoga babe? He saw his cousin did that once and from then on he's obsesssed with doing the forward flip... I really worry that he'll sprain his neck, but nothing can stop him from practising the flip. It's fortunate that he'll only do it when we are around with him. There's a few time we have to catch him to prevent him from flipping off the amount of explaining, scolding etc can stop him....

Can you spot the purple dino in the background of the last pic? That's his new fave too. He'll ask to watch "nini" (Barney) everyday after breakfast.