First Hair Cut

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Ever since I shaved Declan’s hair when he was 4 months old, it took his follicles nearly 4 months to sprout a decent layer to cover his head. During Chinese New Year, mil kept nagging us to bring him for a hair cut. No matter from which angle I look at my little boy, he doesn’t seem to need a trim at all. There’s only a thin layer of hair with just a few strands slightly growing over the ears.

I really don’t see the need of spending another 8-10 bucks just for a few snips of the scissors. It cost me $8 to shave his head that time and with the CNY inflation rates at all hair salon, I bet a few snipes will cost equally much.

We manage to brush her aside but she did not give up wor…every now and then she’ll remind us that her precious little grandbaby needs a hair cut….

So happen, one day when I was at my dad’s place, one of his auntie friends was also there. I mentioned about cutting baby’s hair and she happily volunteered to snip for him. She said she loved cutting hair for her own grandsons, son and husband at home. The best thing was, she happened to have the hair cutting scissors with her! How nice! So I quickly said ok and gave permission for my boy to “go under” her scissors. One snip, 2 snip, 3 snips, 4 snips and my boy got a neat hair line at the back of his neck. No hair for her to cut in front though. Heheheh. I saved a few bucks! No more bugging from mil too!

1st Attempt to Bath Declan

Kiat’s at reservist, mil went out to pay respect to her ancestors, left me and Declan home alone. This time, I’ve got no more excuses to run away from the sacred task of bathing my boy unless I want to hug a smelly baby for half the day until mil comes home.

Surprise hor? Wondering what kind of mum I am right?? My boy is turning 9 months old soon and since Day 1, I’ve never bathe him.

But hey folks! I survive the ordeal! I bathe him successfully and I didn’t drown him! Bubble Bath Thank god! He seems abit frustrated when I shampoo him, probably the way I hold him somehow differs from how he was held by his grandma and dad. He doesn’t look comfortable. But it’s my first attempt mah… so of course will be abit “ar ka ar chue” (duck leg duck hand).

Mission accomplished! 成功! Clapping Hands lai lai "pa pok" for me and give me some kind words of encouragement! I’m sure I’ll be able to do a better job the next time round.

Floor Time

Finally, I have the courage to let Declan roam on the floor, with the consent of his grandma, of course. I risk him flattening his nose and “aborting” his “new born tooth” and let him come into contact with the cold hard floor for the very first time ever since he learn to “drag” himself around.

To me, confining his activity areas to just the beds and mattresses at home, ain’t doing him justice. He deserves a bigger space to stretch his limbs and exhaust his ever excess energy.

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In order to lure him into motion, I place the “crawling ball” from Fisher-Price on the floor and let it roll around. I’m sure the busybody baby will not just let the “crawling ball” go just like that. He’ll definitely intervene its path. It works! He happily mops the floor for his grandma using his tummy, chasing after the toy.

After awhile, he got sick of chasing the toy and shifted his attention to the newspaper under the table and a snoopy coin bank at the base of the TV cupboard.

All this while, he did not try to smash his face onto the floor. Phew! Maybe babies are not so 不懂事 after all. After this attempt, there will be more floor time for him to exercise his muscles before it all turn into flab in years to come.

Single Tooth = Ask for Clothes???

I headache... now my grandma says, if baby just sprout a single tooth, I'll have to ask the 姑姑 to buy my baby a set of clothes and not shoes...

So is it shoes or clothes?? 2 against 1 now.

Single Tooth = Ask for Shoes

If I am not wrong, most babies when they sprout teeth, they will usually sprout 2 at a time. Mine only sprouted one. My mil says, if baby only sprout 1 tooth, then he’ll have to ask for a pair of shoes from his 姑姑. My mum said the same thing. I ask my mum what will happen if we don’t ask from his 姑姑 for a pair of shoes? She simply replies :” Ohh then it’ll not be good for the baby.” She’s actually not quite sure what is the rationale behind this tale.

I related this to Kiat and he asked :” Aiyoh.. how to go and ask from people a pair of shoes??” That’s exactly my sentiments…… so paisay…Blushy.Anyway, I’ll just relate this thing to my mil and leave it to her to ask on our behalf. Goofy

First Tooth

Did u see that?? Did u see that?? See what I see??? Yeah! Declan’s first tooth has sprouted!! Now, he gotta officially “step down” from the position of “toothless baby”.

Yesterday evening, when I got home after work, mil announced to me that Declan had sprouted a tiny little tooth. She was not aware of the emergence of the little tooth until she got a bite from the literally itchy mouth baby. Her first reaction was – SHOCK! She thought:” Ouch!! Die die!!! Got fish bone stuck in baby’s gum!!!” She quickly laid Declan down and forced open his mouth to search for the stuck fish bone. No sight of fish bone, in place was a cute little incisor. That was a pleasant surprise for her and for me of course. To think that, I just lamented to Mama Jessie on Thursday that my baby is still toothless at 8 months. Heheheee.

I’m not sure what got into me but when I heard that my boy had got a tooth, my heart skipped a beat. I felt so excited. Don’t ask me why hor?!! I also cannot explain. What’s so exciting about a little tooth right??? *shrugs* I was practically smiling from east to west. I picked up the little boy, head towards our room, laid him down on our bed and got obsessed in trying to ply open his mouth to take a peek at my new found amusement. At first he kept giggling, thinking that I was playing with him. After awhile he got agitated at his crazy mum as he had no idea why his “siao siao” mum keep attempting to ply his mouth open and keep aiming her handphone at him. Needless to say, I failed to take a photo of his new pearly white as he kept trying to clamp his mouth shut and also kept grabbing at my phone. I gave up….

For the rest of the evening, I did nothing much except announcing to whoever step through our door that Declan had got a new tooth.

His dad only hear about his new tooth this morning as he was out clubbing till the wee hours of the morning. Wanna know what was his first reaction upon hearing the news? Here it goes ;-

Me: Hey baby got a small little tooth liao!
Kiat: Really ahh?! 白色的啊?
Me (without thinking answered): Yah loh.

Then after awhile I thought to myself:” Chey! Fei Hua!!! Teeth of course are white colour lah.. then wat???!! Blue colour?? “Lum Gay”? Blue tooth?” wahhahah maybe daddy really got so affected by the technology nowadays that he thought he’ll have a “blue tooth” baby since he didn’t own a “blue tooth” phone.

Oh yah, and I manage to snap a pic of the cute little white thing with Kiat's help.

Old Man Declan

Few weeks ago, there was a period of time where my little boy got hook on playing "old man Dec". He'll suck in his upper lips and make alot of funny muffled noises to catch our attention.

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I really enjoyed looking at him play toothless old man. This trick always makes me laugh like hell cos he really look so comical!!

*sigh* unfortunately it ended as abruptly as it started..... no signs of "old man Dec" for so long already....

Luckily I manage to snap a few pics for my own viewing pleasure from time to time when I need to laugh.

New Mummy Link

Hey Folks, I've added a new mummy link in my mummies link column. This mama Phoebe got a very very cute baby boy Tim Parry. So chubby, so cute, so handsome!!!! Cannot take it!!! see his picture always feel like squeezing his cheeks!!!

Do drop by and see for yourself yeah!

Kow Tow

Huileng was sharing that she prefers to leave baby on the floor to work out the muscles. Actually I do agree with her. I very much wanna leave my baby on the floor and lure him with toys so that he’ll learn to crawl proficiently. Now, his crawling skill is very “half past six”. However, my baby has developed a weird habit of slamming his own face onto whatever surfaces he comes across. It’s as if he’s “kow towing”. He doesn’t just slam down on his face gently ok??!! He’ll smash it right into the surface of the mattress and it’s not just once, he’ll repeat it a few times. Does he really hates his face so much?? His face is so cute mah? Why does he hate it?? Hmmm??

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The above pic was taken right after he slammed his face onto the front bar of his pram. He’ll cry for awhile and after that he’ll seem to forget that such an act will bring him pain and he’ll repeat it all over again.

Yesterday night, he just slammed his face into my knee cap. OUCH!

Imagine if I leave him on the floor and he decide to slam his face onto the cold hard floor? My GOD! That’ll be a disaster!! He’ll probably end up rearranging all his features!!

So for now, he’ll just have to contend with crawling or should I say dragging himself around on the bed or on his ah kong’s mattress and if he so wish, he can slam his face into these cushioned surfaces minus the “ouch” factor.

Step n Play Piano

Some months back, I was contemplating whether to buy a Fisher-Price’s Step n Play Piano for my boy instead of a walker. However, we are worried that Declan may not like to be confined in it, thus, we never really get down to buy him one. We thought of letting him try it out on a display set and if he likes it then we’ll purchase one. Unfortunately, we never come across a display set until yesterday.

We were at takashimaya’s Baby Fair and we spotted the Step n Play Piano. I plonked him in and he seems happy in there.

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The sign stated that the original price was like $300+ and now after discount we need only to pay $179. We think think think and at the end of the day we left the Baby Fair without the Step n Play piano…. as his dad is now concern that he might out grow the toy very fast……. poor baby….he seemed to really like that new piece of toy.

Come to think of it, it’s also wise that we didn’t buy it as it does take up quite a lot of space and if my boy gets bored of it, then it’ll really be a big white elephant and it’ll just add on to our clutter at home.

Bamboo Chair

See how happy the boy look in the chair? I've been hunting for a similar chair for the longest time but can't find it anywhere. This is on loan from 大姑. Kiat's sis spotted the chair at 大姑's place while we were there for a CNY gathering. She suggested borrowing it from her and return it once Declan out grow the chair.

Phew!! Finally something which can "contain" my boy. I tried putting him in his pram and on high chair but he can't sit still for long in both. However, he seems to like sitting in the bamboo chair. Maybe it's because it can produce a lot of noise when he use his hands to slap the table in front of it. There was a period of time when MIL keep bugging me to get a walker for Declan, but I refuse to give in to that request for obvious reasons.

Now feeding him is so much easier. I'm still interested to purchase one for him. Anyone who knows where I can get one do let me know.

Review on Hou Ning Powder

This powder works! Just a bottle and my boy got no more phlegm! It's expensive but it's effective. So mamas, if your kid got phlegm, just pop by to Eu Yang Seng and get a bottle of this miracle powder.

Weird sleeping habit

Got baby sleep like that one meh?? GOT! The one at my house loh... This is an "inherited bad habit" Both Kiat and me got the habit of covering our face with pillows when we sleep. Somehow, baby also inherited his weird habit of ours.