Commando in the making

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This boy is forever trying to dive off the bed.. I bet he'll make a good diver or commando in future. He's always scaling new dangers.

The baluku which he acquired last week was aggravated when he decided to test the hardiness of his forehead by banging it against the wall. The swell was about to go off, when he decided to perform that act, bringing the swell back plus a patch of blue black...

Ohh by the way, does learning how to pull out drawers considered a developmental milestone for babies? If yes then he has reached another milestone because he is starting to pull out the lower drawers under the tv rack.........

Parenting Tips I Learnt

Just finished reading this book.

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Learnt 2 things from this book:

(1) "Praise in public, criticize in private"

From my observations, a lot of parents neglected the fact that kids (no matter how young they are) do have some sense of self-esteem and ego. Many parents commit the mistake of critising the shortcomings of their own children in the public and very often in the presence of the little ones' friends.

I remembered vividly when I was in K1, a conversation between my mum and her friend. She told her friend :" I tell you ahhh, next time ahhh I can never depend on this girl to feed me one ahhh! she ahhh no use one! Her younger sister is better, I think I can only depend on the younger one!"

"OUCH" I was only 5 years old then, what did I do for her to conclude that I won't be able to do my part as a daughter? Since young, I was always the quiet girl who got bullied by my younger sister and yet she's the one who would get all the new toys. My sister was only 2 years old when my mum said that to her friend.

Ain't it shocking that a 5 year old girl would carry what her mum said for 20 over years? I'm shocked too. I have bad memory, but yet I remembered that conversation as if it just happen yesterday.

Today, I am proud to say that, it is her useless daughter who is keeping her employed and it is also this useless daughter who she'll run to whenever she needs help to solve some problems or run some errand.

So parents, heed the book's teaching and my advice to think twice before you speak in front of your child. You do not want them to grow up thinking they are not being loved and to dampen their self-worth.

(2) "When discussing consequences, don't make threats that are outright lies ("If you do that again, the police will take you away" etc.) Futhermore, don't issue a warning involving a consequence you are not actually willing to carry put."

"If you don't behave ahhhh later the policeman will come and catch you!"
"You anyhow run lah, go lah! later bangali come and catch you!'
"you noti somemore!! I don't want you liao, sell you to bangali!"

Don't the above threats sound so familiar?

Threaten the kids with those for repeated times and they will soon learn that those are just empty threats which will never materialise.

"if you don't behave, we will cancel our trip to disneyland"
"if you don't behave, we will all go shopping and leave you at home alone"

Before you spew similar threats, do ask yourself are you really going to cancel the whole trip? Is it fair to penalize the rest of the family members for the mischief of 1 child? If you are not prepared to really cancel the trip, then think of some other forms of penalty. I don't think many parents will feel at ease leaving a naughty child home alone while the rest go shopping as a form of punishment. He/she may be up to more mischief and ended up with regrettable consequence if left at home.

First Dip

Declan got his first dip this morning! The dad gotta dig the lazy me out of bed early in the morning... It's extremely difficult to separate me from my bed on weekend mornings.. me and the bed are just so much in love with each other that practically I want to be it's siamese twin...

We just bought the swimming suit from Kiddy Palace yesterday. I chose the suit instead of the triangular piece of sexy fabric as I worry that he may catch a cold with too much flesh expose.

Before I let him out into the pool, I slapped on plenty of Banana Boat SPF50 sunblock for him. Kiasu hor??!! SPF50.. I scared he get sunburn mah. If his skin start peeling right after his 1st dip, I bet his ah ma will ban him from future dippings. So must be careful!

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Before the dip
Doesn't he look kinda worried??I think he got no confidence in me as I'm a non swimmer and the last time i don on a swimming costume was donkey years ago when I was in secondary one. *count* *count* *count* wahhh 10 fingers also not enough must borrow my baby's fingers, no wonder he looks worried.

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Somehow he still looks worried, though I held on to him tightly. That timid fellow.

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His dad took over and guess what??! He was so busy making sure that he was keeping baby's butt floating that the forgot to make sure that baby's head was above the water too. Ended up, baby drank a mouthful of water+chlorine+urine+poo+mucus+saliva+sweat etc. He got a funny expression on his face so I guess that mouthful must have tasted yucky.

Overall, he enjoyed slapping at the water. He didn't seem too thrill when we try to get him to float. As it was his first dip, I didn't dare let him stay in the pool for too long, for fear that he might catch a cold which would mean perpectual ban from the pool by his ah ma. I took his :"Hachooo!" as an indication that we should end the dip. All in all, he only stayed in there for about 15mins. Kinda short but as this is the first dip, it's better to play safe. Will prolong his dip progressively.

Oh, notice the absence of a float? We did buy him a float for him to sit in. But we naively thought that the dad's lungs will be powerful enought to puff it up at the pool so we brought it there without inflating it first. The dad threw in the white towel after huffing and puffing a few mouthfuls of co2 into the float, for fear that his lungs would collaspe.

Points to note for next dip :

(1) Must remember to bring his bathing robe to keep him warm. Today forget.

(2) To puff the float up with a pump before going to the pool.

(3) To bring some floating toys for him to play with.

Virgin Fall

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Remember this picture...? I think my boy won't be smiling so brightly from now on if we place him in that chair... Reason? He just fell off that chair a moment ago...
OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! those "ouch" are not from him... but me... my heart pain.....

First time is always painful mah hor? We have guarded him vigilantly for the past 9 months and today, our line of defence collapse....

Mil put him in the bamboo chair, walk a few steps away to throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker to cook his porridge. Just a few seconds away and that little powerhouse thought he is a commando, so he lifted his butt and try to climb off the chair, ignoring the fact that his balancing skill is practically non-existent....before my mil could turn her attention back to him, he toppled over like humpty dumpty.... O..U...CCC...HHHHH...

Hubby MSN me to break the news to me... the first thing which flash across my mind was what happen to Mama Stacey's cousin as described in her blog..... I just read that entry this morning... and now... it happen to my boy.... buy 4D also not so "zuen" (accurate)

No more bamboo chair for him from now on!!! Tomorrow go buy play pen!

One more thing to add on to my worry list! see lah?? So busy with worries....

Breastfeeding Mum Alert!!

"Toxic anti-fire chemicals used to coat common household goods are seeping into breast milk in Australia at levels higher than in some overseas countries, environmentalists have warned.

The fire retardants, known scientifically as PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), are used to protect a wide range of goods including computers, televisions, chairs and mattresses.

But the chemicals, which are fat soluble and build up in our bodies, have also been linked in overseas studies to cancer and problems with sex hormones and brain development.

Read the above from this link provided by a friend in Australia.

*GASP* *pace up and down and up and down*

The info in there is kind of worrying. Are we breastfeeding mums poisoning our little ones unknowingly??!! The facts from that article is based on findings in Australia and Europe, so what about Singapore??? Does our household items also contain this harmful chemical?? Probably so.... since it is a widely used fire retard agent.

Further search on "PBDEs" online yielded more information such as :

"The data from Sweden show a drastic increase in the quantity of PBDEs detected in women's breast milk. Since no definitive data regarding the health effects of children's exposure to PBDEs in breast milk have been published, it is not possible to draw conclusions regarding the impact of these rising levels. However, enough is known to raise concerns. Like the dioxins, furans, PCBs, and organochlorine pesticides, PBDEs are bioaccumulative and persistent. Unlike these other chemicals, no serious international efforts are under way to ban these hazardous chemicals. The trend toward higher levels in breast milk signals a need for immediate action to stop human exposures, before the levels rise higher and risk compromising the safety of children's first food. Toward that end, other monitoring studies in other countries will help clarify the scope of the problem."

"We tested 40 Northwest mothers for PBDEs--chemical flame retardants widely used in consumer products such as furniture and computers--and found in the breastmilk of every woman in the study, at levels much higher than in other countries."

"These dangerous chemicals may impair the intelligence and motor skills of children and disrupt thyroid hormones, which are critical to proper brain development in utero and during early childhood"

However, in the midst of all these scary info available on this harmful agent, there are also some consoling articles such as:

"Why Breastfeeding is still best for baby"

Now ain't the above information just gonna add on to the list of things which we mummies have to worry about?? I think I can be promoted in my alternative employment as a "worried mother" to an "insanely worried mother"......

Now I see this statement "to overly love your child, you may sometimes be doing more harm than good" in a different light. We love our children, that's why we did not choose the easy way out of feeding them formula. We persist on, even when breastfeeding give us great inconveniences especially for working mums like me. However, seems like this sacrifice which we did for our little ones may subject them to some dreadful harm....

My eyes are crossed now from reading those links above. >_< When they are looking straight again, I'll try to do more research on information available locally. I don't mind if other mummies want to chip in and help do the research and post the information on their own sites.

Kiasu mums? or Bo chup Dads?

Why is it that it's always the mums who are reading baby care, disciplinary, child development books etc? Ain't the dads concern or even worry about the physical and emotional well being of their little ones? Or is it that the dads are so expert in the field of child raising that they don't need the extra information and can still run on auto gear?

Why is it always the mums who will be trying all ways and means to fill up their little ones' day with a variety of activities for fear that they'll be bored or retard in their development if their brains are not stimulated?

Why is it always the mums who will worry about what their little ones' eat? Whether they are taking in enough milk/food, whether they are nourished enough or not etc?

Why is it always the mums who will worry about whether their little ones' are dressed nicely or not for an outing?

Why is it always the mums who will go toys hunting for the little ones?

Why? Why? Why?

Are the mums too kiasu? or the dads too bo chup? I think it's a little of both. Basically most mums are a little too kiasu and most dads are a little too bo chup. Women are worrisome creatures by nature. They always worry and usually they will think of things to worry about well in advance. I worry that next time my boy will not be able to go to Henry Park Primary School as our registered address is nowhere near the school. See what I mean? My boy can't even walk now and I am worry about Primary School!!! Siao!

Sleeping Though the Night

This boy has finally decided not to go on torturing his parents with late night feeds anymore. For the pass 1 month, he has been doing without his middle of the night feeds except for once when he was ill and I gave him some warm water instead of milk. That was the only time when he drank water from the bottle.

We manage to help him kick the habit of night feeds by not immediately jumping out of bed and rushing to grab the bottle from the fridge the moment he stir in his sarong. Previously, at the slightest hint that he's gonna wake up, we'll grab the bottle and dunk it in hot water to warm it up for fear that his hungry cries will rock the whole clementi. As days go by, we get more and more tired, more and more lazy and we always try to drag drag drag before getting the bottle. There was this point of time we realise that if he stir and whine, he'll stop when we continue to rock the sarong and if that don't work, we'll pull him out and let him sleep with us on the bed. Surprisingly, he'll continue sleeping without crying for milk wor!

HaHA! Strike gold! So now, no more night feeding! Bravo!


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Smile Folks! SMILEEEE just like MEEEEE!!!

I'm too SEXY for my MAMA's blog

With Mr Brown's "I'm too sexy for my blog" entry causing quite a storm in the blogging community, my baby chose to be in a league of his own with this "I'm too sexy for my MAMA's blog" pose.

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What a "sexy" baby I have hahahahah. This pose of his remind me of some sleazy swimwear calendar girl..

FOLKS I shrank my KID!

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The above 2 pics were taken last Saturday on our way to consult PD for Declan's fever. hmmm though lack of sleep, both of us can still manage to smile at the camera ehehehee.

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This pic was taken when Declan was about 4 or 5 months old. Look at the difference!!! sob sob!! He has lost most of his chubbiness..... I'm a lousy mum.....

Finally back!

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Ever since we shifted in with my in laws after my confinement, Declan has no chance to sleep in his own cot which is his very first bed and the "den" which contain him during his first 2 months on earth.

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This Fisher-Price piano is also one of his very first toy. It accompanied him through his many crying and sleepless days during the first 2 months too.

These 2 items must have felt so neglected being left behind at our flat. We seldom have a chance to go up, let alone stay there over night.

This boy seem pretty thrilled with the reunion, but it only lasted a while before he lost interest in the piano and felt so jailed up in the cot.

Making a Genius?

I was asking a friend about the Shicida Method and this was part of his reply :

"u rather train ur child to think like a genius then to read at a young age"

He thinks that the Shicida Method is crappy and his opinion is as above.

Sorry pal, but I don't agree with you. Part of my reply to him are as follow :

"i am not looking for a genius in my child"
"i want my baby to learn to read and to develop a healthy liking for books"

I may be a doting mum but I'm definitely not a kiasu one who wish that my son will comes in top in all he does. I am definitely not sorting for a genius in my son. To me, you can't make a genius out of a normal child. If genius can be made, then what's so rare about a genius, since everyone can develop their child into one?

I never believe in forcing a child to achieve things beyond his means. To me, so long as he is a happy child, I'm a happy mum. My objective in seeking out the Shicida Method, is to explore the possibilty of developing an early reader. I love to read, thus I hope my son will be able to read early so that we can read together. I am looking forward to bring him to the library for him to pick up books and read for leisure not for enrichment. At the moment he is only interested in gumming the books and he don't seems to like listening to stories narrated by me.

I must work harder on that! Maybe my story telling skill is lousy or maybe he finds me too naggy and talks too much?

Are babies really that Expensive?

Singapore’s birth rate has always been a hot debate topic. Even up till now we can still see people contributing their thoughts on this topic to TODAY newspaper. It's not difficult to notice that many people attributed the low birth rate to the cost and difficulty of raising their offspring due to monetary, time and career constraints.

While chitchatting with my hubby this morning about how some folks can raise 3-4 children with a meager income while dual income folks like us keep saying that we can't afford to have a 2nd child.

Let's touch our own heart and tell ourselves the truth of why we keep saying we can't afford. I'll just share a few reasons why having kids have become more expensive in today's context.

1) Last time when "mata" still wearing shorts, most of our mums don't go to gynae and sign expensive package for their prenatal checks. They go to polyclinic, which are usually free or just cost them a few bucks

Now, we women must go to gynae and sign exclusive and expensive packages for our prenatal checks, we no longer trust polyclinics nor those doctors "anyhow" assigned to us from KKH when we walk in.

2) Last time most of our mums popped at the old KKH in the most crowded wards without a gynae. It's usu the midwives who "hob" (catch) us when our mums squeezed us out.

Now, we prefer those hospital in the "mountains" such as Mount E, Mount A and of course other places like TMC, Raffles Hospital, Gleneagles etc and we only want our "one and only" gynae to help us "hob" our baby instead of any other Mary, Lucy or Nancy. Their hands come with a price loh.

It's no longer cool to give birth in SGH, AH or KKH and we want to stay alone or at most with another "neighbour". We don't want to be squeezed together as if we are in some refugee camp.

From "$50 also can get back change" during the old KKH days, our bill has escalated many folds to few thousand dollars.

3) Last time our mums are power women who can endure the pain of labour without any form of painkiller. Now most of us are made of "tou hu" (beancurd) and will fall apart at the slightest jab of pain and scream for epidural which will set us back by a few hundred dollars.

4) Last time our mums bring us to polyclinic for our 1st year assessment and vaccinations and even when we are ill we go polyclinic "see doctor" (more like doctor see us).

Now, some mums prefer to bring their precious one to private PD for assessment, vaccinations and consultations.

Again from the free and cheap cheap polyclinic to the $50-$100 PD.

5) Last time our "ma sak" (toys) are bought from the uncle who sells all the plastic looking "ma sak" at the "pa sut" (market).

Now, we must buy Fisher-Price lah, Little Tikes lah etc.

6) Last time we wear cloth nappies throughout the day, now must let our little ones wear Pampers Premium to protect their cute little butts.

7) Last time any kind of stroller or pram will do, so long got 4 wheels can roll about and contain the baby can liao, now, many mums dream of Maclaren.

8) Last time we wear those "perforated" little singlets (u know, those singlet with many little holes, majiam a net one??) bought from "pa sut", now we must shop at Mothercare etc and we prefer our babies to be clad once in awhile in baby Guess, baby DKNY, "O'god my'God" (oshkosh bgosh)etc.

9) Last time our mum feed us porridge we eat porridge, feed us rice we eat rice. Now, babies are fed organic food, Gerber, Heinz and some other "cheem cheem" brands I don't even know how to spell and needless to say they cost more.

10) Last time our mum throw us along the corridors to play with our neighbours and that's what they consider development and socializing, now we are looking at those expensive courses to help develop our infants' brains, motor skills and socializing skills.

Aiyoh... and the list goes on and on!!! So ahhh, should we keep lamenting to the govt that cost of popping and delivering a child is escalating?? Of course, not all mums choose the expensive way out, I'm just stating some very stereotype examples in the above list. There are still plenty of down to earth women in Singapore who will consider wisely on their choices to suit their own financial ability.

I was calculating to Kiat ahh, if I continue to breastfeed Declan, let him wear Drypers instead of Pampers (cloth nappies out of the question lah… tedious to wash and also waste water mah hor? :p), no more Fisher-Price toys, no more new clothes, except during CNY (he’s got so much of hand me downs that our room is like a warehouse now), go polyclinic for consultation etc., no more avocados, cut down his variety of snacks to just normal cream crackers, don’t buy insurance etc wahhh then having a kid no longer seem to eat so deep into our pockets anymore. But ahh…the kid will end up majiam very deprive hor? So “ke lian”

See? That’s mindset of many parents today. Many of them, just like me, have many cheaper and cost savings options, but due to the “scarcity” of our own offspring now, we prefer to indulge in them and jacked up our own cost of living and of course when that happen, Singaporeans will do what they are best at – BLAME OUR GOVT on the high cost of living….*piak* (slaps forehead).

The chicken and the egg question comes again : “ We have less children now so we indulge on them or issit because we choose to indulge in our children (and thus jacking our own cost of living) that’s why we can afford less children now?

Which type of situation are you in? For me, I guess, I’m one of those guilty mums who choose to indulge in my child resulting me in lamenting I cannot afford a second one. But ahhh I did not blame our govt hor?!

Hide and Seek Fever

Declan was running a temperature early this morning. On top of the fever, he was also coughing. It sounded like a "heaty" cough. I wonder if it's due to too much "baby bites" and "wang wang xiao man tou" :p

The fever played hide and seek with us. At the PD, his temperature only measured 36.7 degrees.. No fever. However doctor gave him a very thorough check to make sure that he didn't miss anything. At the end of the consultation session, our bill is only $60, lower than what we have to pay at KKH 2 months back and the service was 100 folds better. We don't have to wait as we call up to make an appointment and the PD was very thorough in his examination and was full of advise, unlike those doctors at KKH.

Like what Kiat says, we go and 'see doctor" at KKH ahhh the KKH's doctor really just "see" us. They use their eyes and "see" never use hands to touch. How true!

Just now, Declan woke up from his nap and his temperature went up again.... gila gila fever...

Hip Hop Baby

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Look at this fellow in his baggy pair of jeans.  My mum insisted me to get this pair of jeans for him while shopping for his new year clothes and she insisted that this faithful pair was of the correct size.  See lah?! Up till now ahhh he wear liao still cannot see his toes...

I told his dad to dress him "warmly" that day cos it was raining and the weather was quite chilly.  When I called his dad, he told me he already dressed him liao and he lazy to change for him again, but I insisted him to put on a pair of long pants for Declan due to the cold weather.  I reminded the dad that there's a pair of new jeans hanging in the cupboard.

When I met up with my little boy, that was the state he was in..... I didn't know whether I should cry or I should laugh....Instead of removing his romper and changing him into a normal t-shirt to go with the jeans, his lazy dad just merely slipped on the pair of jeans over the romper..... and conveniently overlooked the fact that the pair of jeans was also too big for him....

Don't he look like some hip hop dancer or some rapper who always have their jeans 3-4 sizes too big and hanging dangerously loose around their hips?  Dec's jeans look abit tight at the waist though....

Cheese for Declan

hmmm since no one say I can't feed Kraft cheese to my boy in my earlier post, I shall then buy a pack of Kraft cheese and let him try this weekend.

So far no adverse effects or signs of allergy to the egg yolk custard I fed him last weekend. So this weekend, I'll just feed him some hard boil egg white as advised by the polyclinic nurse.

Oh in that case I can't feed him Kraft Cheese this week. The cheese will have to wait till next week. Intro 1 new food at a time remember? I shall behave and stick to the 1 new food at a time rule.

I'm also thinking of feeding my boy some pasta or macaroni. I shall find time to prepare either one for him. I hope I'll be able to do a good job to prevent him from growing up and hating the food I feed him due to my lousy handling of the food.

I wonder whether it's a blessing or a curse for him to have a mum who can't cook and yet still thinking of preparing all sorts of funny things to feed him :x

9th Month Stats Update

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My baby grows up liao! He's now 9 months old.  Look at him?? He's no longer an easily manipulated and 100% dependent newborn now.  He's now slowly learning to be independent.  He can now sit without our support, though he still cannot be trusted to sit up straight without supervision.  He still don't know what harm he can do to himself if he just decides to slump backwards and lie down suddenly.  He also don't know that he may break his neck if he is to challange us with speed crawling and dive off our bed, which he often attempts.

At the polyclinic, his weight and height are recorded as 8.5kg and 71cm respectively.  He has grown 5cm in 3 months.  When my husband told me his weight is 8.5kg, I am dead sure that the nurse is wrong! Because 3 months ago he weighed 8.1kg how can it be that he only put on 0.4kg in 3 months time??! The last time when I measured him myself I thought he weighed 9kg.  I double checked the weight on my own scale and seemed like the nurse is right. hmmm where did the rest of the weight goes? weird...

Nowadays, I can longer contain him in the cradle of my arms anymore.  He has grown a wee bit too long for me to cradle him comfortably.  Which also means it's no longer comfortable for him to sleep in my arms. *sob sob*  His dad will now have the priviledge of patting him to sleep in his arms.  It used to be my job! I'm made "jobless" in my own household!  Come to think of it, even if I can contain his length, I may not be able to contain his weight also wor.  I'm only left with 42kg.  I think sooner or later, this baby is gonna break my arms and my back.

These babies really grow up so fast hor?? With a blink of the eyes, they learn to flip over already, with the next blink, they start to eat solid food, one more blink, they learn to sit liao, another blink they grow teeth liao.  I bet we missed out alot while we are blinking too! For working mums like me, I think I miss out even more. 

Oh yah this little boy has also learnt to feed himself already.  Though the ends of the biscuits always prove a bit challenging for him but I'm sure he'll learn to overcome it in no time.

I shall keep my eyes wide open and prop my eyelids up with matchsticks when I am at home to make sure that I witness every precious seconds of my boy's growth!  If I miss out any more of his growth I may not be able to recognise my son soon!

Hao Lian Sleeping Pose

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When his dad saw him in this position he did not hesitate to comment :" Wahh sleep also so hao lian must kiao ka." (so proud, sleep also must cross leg) hahahahh.  He continued to remark that he took after my hao lian (proud) attitude as there was once in the midst of my sleep I suddenly smirked very loudly. :p

I so "ke lian..." baby temper bad = take after me, baby impatient = take after me, baby hao lian also take after me....


Egg Custard

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On Sunday morning, my first attempt at trying to make an egg custard for Declan failed. So embarrassing... It's such a simple thing to make and I failed!! Lao kui...

I followed the instruction stated in the recipe faithfully. It said :
Add 100ml of formula / breastmilk to 1 egg yolk, beat with a fork for about 1 to 2 mins. Steam the mixture over medium fire for about 5 mins. Cool and serve.

So simple right?? and yet I failed leh! I follow the instruction stupidly. When I off the fire and remove the cover, I saw that the bowl of custard was still watery. I naively thought that I should let my concoction cool and it will somehow solidify. I waited and waited and waited. 45mins passed and it's still a bowl of watery concoction.... My mil took a look at it and declared it a failure. She lectured me and said :" How can you steam your breastmilk??? It'll cause your milk supply to stop you know??"

Issit? *shrugs*

I am not convinced that my culinary skill is really so bad that even when I followed the recipe so closely I could still fail. So I asked permission from mil to let me try again and she gave me the go ahead with some suggestions such as adding in less milk.

So, on my 2nd try I added only 50ml of milk into the yolk and beat it for 1-2 mins again. This time, instead of the suggested 5mins I steamed the concoction for about 15mins. TaDA!!!! Success!! *smirk smirk*

Not sure if it tasted nice. Fed it to Declan together with a bit of green bean soup. He ate it readily without much fuss except in the evening when he coughed he expelled abit of the eggy stuff. Not sure if that's considered fine though.

A mum's broken heart

It's not about my broken heart, but it's that of another mum. I'll like to add on what my sil Fannie wrote in her blog entry Mommy=Zero Value. Read the link first to get the broken heart mum's story before reading my add on.

On top of what she did to her mum as described in Fannie's entry, she also did this to her mum...

They went shopping one day, her mum was in sort of a daze and nearly walk into a glass panel. Fortunately her sil pulled her back and warned her of the existance of the glass panel. Instead of comforting the mum or warning the mum about the glass panel, this little girl actually said :"hahahahah very good! 活该!! Very good very good hahahahah!" After hearing her lamenting that to me, my heart felt so cold... how can a little girl do that to her mum...

When I tried talking to the little girl. she actually said :" wah lau 很麻烦 leh! all of you know about it!" and she just stormed away without hearing me out....

This girl is really out of hand... The poor mum was so traumatised by her that she actually fell ill and the girl didn't show a least bit of concern nor remorse.

I felt so heart pain for the mum, when she related her story to me, she teared.. I really didn't know how to advice her as I'm also new in parenting. Let's just hope that the girl will learn to treasure the love and effort her mum is putting into her.

New Food for Baby

I'm always game to let my boy try new food. I love it when he enjoys what I feed him. Feeding him cereals is easy like a breeze, he'll gobble up the whole bowl of cereals in under 10 mins and usually it's within 5 mins. If you can't keep up your pace of spooning to his pace of swallowing the cereals, be prepared to hear some music from that impatient babe. (Mil and his dad claim that he inherited his impatience and bad temper from me.....)

Presently I've fed him Baby Bites biscuits, "wang wang" little buns, avocado (usu puree with banana and milk), banana, papaya, bits of bread and sponge cake. What else can he eat? I've just bought a box of Rusk Teething biscuit yesterday and will give it to him as snack later.

I've read in a lot of sites and books that yogurt is good for a baby. I thought of giving some to Declan but am not so sure what type of yogurt is suitable. Are those Magnolia (or issit Marigold??) kind of plain yogurt fine? I'm so worry that he'll get stomach upset if I feed him the wrong kind.

Another new item which I hope to feed him is cheese. Then again, what kind of cheese can I use? Those normal KRAFT? or??

Yesterday at the polyclinic nurse advise us to starting introducing egg yolk to him. I'll go steam some egg yolk pudding for him later. So excited!

I welcome suggestions on interesting baby receipes but do bare in mind that I'm a lousy mum who do not have any culinary skills let alone baking skills. The beauty is I am willing to pick up some simple culinary ideas for the sake and health of my little one. That's the wonder of mums ain't it? They are always willing to scale new heights for their child. ahahahha "pasting gold on my own face".

Should I Stop Breastfeeding?

"Breastfeed your baby as long as you can. Your baby's urine plus the alkalinity of his stool can cause skin irritation, which may make him more prone to diaper rash. Breastfeeding can be helpful because it lowers the ph of your baby's stool, making it more acidic. Breastfeeding also boosts your baby's resistance to infection, in general, and makes him less likely to need antibiotics, which can also contribute to diaper rash."

The above was taken from an article in BabyCenter. Now that adds another reason to the one whole list of the benefits of breastfeeding. It was never a difficult decision for me to decide to breastfeed. I didn't even need to consider. The moment I knew that I was expecting, it's already imprinted in my mind that my baby would be breastfed.

The difficult part lies in deciding when to stop breastfeeding. Some mums may advocate not to stop. I'm into my 9th month of giving my baby breast milk. With my last job, it was easy. There's a fridge in the office and my 2 male bosses were kind enough to let me have some private time in the afternoon to express my milk. Now that I've reported to a new work place, I no longer have a fridge in the office. In fact, I don't even have a proper work station to start with and I didn't bring up to this new boss that I need a little time away for me to produce food for my son...

Currently, my boy's milk intake has dropped too. He only take about 4 feeds of milk daily while I expressed 6 feeds daily. The extra 2 feeds will be thrown away... so waste... I wonder whether any hospital accept donation of breastmilk for those premature babies, I really don't mind contributing. Oh course that is dependent on whether the mum allow her baby to take another woman's milk. Frankly speaking, if I am the mum I won't feel comfy.

I'll see if I can cut down to express 4 feeds aday and at the same time maintaining the supply. If I can't, I'll have no choice but to stop being a milk cow....

Battle of the Babies

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Seem like one house cannot contain 2 botak and crawling babies. My mum bought the toy baby for Declan many months back. However, the first time the 2 babies met, Declan was very afraid of the toy baby. The moment he plucked out the toy baby's cap and see his botak head he wailed real loudly, as if the other party's botak head really scared the daylight out of him... It's not as if he himself got much hair then....

Few months passed (can't really remember for how long) and after banishing the toy baby into a drawer to collect dust for scaring Declan, I finally remembered it's existence and decided to release it to Declan again.

This time he didn't wail. However, he eyed the moving and singing chap suspiciously with a deep frown. For awhile he was amused. I guessed after a while, he find that toy irritating because of it's repeated singing. So he crawled towards the toy and pushed it over before plucking out it's cap again.

So hostile lah my son. I think I should let him interact with this toy more often and see if he learn to be friendly towards it.

I wonder how he will react if he's in the company of another real life baby his age?