Year End Wish List

These are the items in my 2006 year end wish list.

Sony Ericsson W850i

Kiat had offered to take this item off my wish list for me as a christmas pressie. I'm really looking forward to laying my hands on this!

Sony DSC-T10

Kiat asked me to choose which item for him to help me strike off the list. I volunteered to strike this item off myself as it's more costly then the handphone. There is a PC show next week, I'm hoping I'll be able to get a good deal then. I'm still comtemplating whether to get a white or a pink one. I've been wanting to get a new digi camera for the longest time. The one I am using right now is a real dinosaur, only 3 megapixel and it's reaction is really damn slow!!! arghhhhhhhhhh!!! In fact I'm so desperate for a new camera that I don't mind if there is a good deal for another model or another brand.

Addidas Sports Jacket

I can't find a pic of the exact jacket that I wanted.. this was one of the closet. The one in my mind was a black one with gold letterings, without a hood.

I am a simple lady, that explains why there are currently only 3 items on my wish list. If God forbid me to get all and will only allow me to choose 1 out of the list, then it'll be the camera. I need it to capture the best moments of my boy. I'm keeping my fingers cross!!! Good deal!! please!! give me a good deal for my camera!!!

2006 Year End Concert

We just got back from Declan's school Year end concert. Today was the very first time, Declan went on stage. Pardon me, but when the teacher told me that he is going to perform, I was actually quite doubtful. Not that I doubt the ability of my little boy, but they are still so young, the youngest of the whole lot. I really wonder, how the teachers can keep them under control.

Nevertheless, I was quite excited and was looking forward to see him perform. It didn't go too well right from the beginning. Upon arrival at NUS Alumni Hall, where the concert was, he kept asking me to bring him home. The teacher got to tear him away from me. He was brawling, the teacher assured me that he'll be calm once I'm out of sight. So, I left him with the teacher and got myself seated. The dad was there too of course.

The PG 1 was the first to kick off the performance and my oh my they were just soooo cute! Apologies, my photos are a bit dark. Pardon my lousy camera. A new camera is on my hit list. I love the little mice headgear they wore. Can you spot Declan? He is the 2nd mouse. My poor little boy was moody the whole time. They were entertaining, the moment they came on stage, all the parents were so tickled by them that before they even start their dance, everyone already started laughing.

My poor little mouse actually froze on stage upon seeing the crowd. He looked stunned. When the music started, the first little mouse beside him started crying, he remained as cool simply because he froze, like what I just mentioned. He didn't move a finger, he simply stood there cool like a cucumber, resembling the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles along Singapore River. Me like the rest was laughing away at the comical scene. Out of the 5 little mice, only 3 of them was performing as planned.

You can see from the various photos that from the beginning till the end, my boy maintained the same pose. He's a perfect candidate if you need a model for painting!

See?? He still didn't move an inch even when the others had sped off.
hahahah nonetheless, in our eyes, our little boy still did great. At least he didn't cry and he got the guts to go up stage. A video of them rehearsing was shown and during the rehearsals he did well. He really dance to the beat and did all the actions right. I believe he froze upon seeing that many audiences which was not simulated during the rehearsals.

This was him when he "thawed".

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The proud papa mouse and our little mouse. By the way the dad was wearing a new pair of glasses and it's a pressie from me for his b-day.

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The proud mama mouse.

In case you guys thought your eyes are playing trick on you, they didn't. His teacher did apply make up for him. I really wonder why boy still need to put on make up. Anyway he looks quite good with the make up, looks "very sweet".

Happy again!! and wet kisses from him to us!

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You guys know why both of them are laughing so heartily? The big one was grossed by the fact that the little one gave him a lick on the face instead of a kiss and the small one was giggling at his own "victory"

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As for me, I was trying real hard not to siam his wet sloppy kiss. Let's hope that he will do better in year 2007.

No Whining

I always thought it's a girl's priviledge to whine and I used to believe only girls are good at whining. My boy had since proved me wrong.

He drives me nuts when he whines. He can just go on and on for the longest time. No amount of coaxing can make him stop... His "best" record so far was continuous whining for more than an hour. Arhghhhhhhhhhh AH BOY AH! STOP IT! STOP YOUR WHINING!

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Declan and his 3 Languages

Dec : mummy 我要follow你!
(ohhh no... my son is a typical Singaporean who mixes two language into one!!)
Dec : mummy 快点我等你!
Dec : 你吃什么?我要!
Dec : 什么来的?
Dec : 喂!你该嘛??

I'm quite glad that Declan did not grow up to be one of those "we the elite" type of banana man a.k.a asian trying to act class and am proud of the sad fact that they do not understand mandarin and can only speak english. Though he seems to prefer English, nonetheless, he'll reply you in mandarin if you speak to him in Mandarin. However, I always wonder where he got his malaysian accent from. His mandarin teachers are all from China. I suspect it's from the dad. His dad is a true blue Singaporean but somehow he also have a little Malaysian accent.

This little boy had also recognise the preferred language of people around him. He'll initiate to converse in English to me, Mandarin to his Kong Kong and Hokkien to his Ah Ma. Yes, my boy speaks Hokkien too! Phew!!! I always worry that he will not pick up his own dialect. Too often we seen communications between grandparents and grandchildren broke down as the younger generations do not speak their own Dialect. I always hope that Declan will pick up Dialect so that he can communicate with his grandparents. Indeed he did.

I will make sure he continue to juggle between these 3 languages.

The Angry Face

I showed him his photo on this blog which is all about him

He got amused with looking at himself

He started to imitate his own pose in the picture. I saw it and I went :"DO THE ANGRY FACE!!"


Change of Plans

Remember the results of my child bearing ultimatum in May 2006? Frankly speaking, I wasn't quite thrill with the result. Though it allow me to pursue my dream, but it extinguises my hope of having another child. BUT now I'm glad to annouce there's gonna be a change in plans!!

open your ears and your eyes ok???!! I'M GONNA HAVE A 2ND CHILD!!!!!!!!! yahooooooo!!! I'm overjoyed! Kiat finally agreed to a 2nd child. I didn't force him ok??!! It was a mutual agreement. For that I will be pushing back my studies and probably won't be able to pursue my dream as a psychologist, but it's perfectly alright!! Being surrounded by a bunch of preggy blogging mummies really push my desire to have a 2nd kid over the edge! Agnes, Irene,Blurblur, you gals really motivated me!

Can you feel my joy?

I've gotten folic acid and will be taking it faithfully. Hopefully no.2 will come soon. Wait for my good news.


Take Cover

This was what he did when I tried to wake him up for school this morning...

- This blog was updated through my M1 mobile phone.


Ah boy is running a fever again. We didn't quite know what trigger this bout of fever. He was alright in the morning. I only noticed that he was unusually warm after he woke up from his nap. His temperature measured 38.4 degrees C. The dad fed him some fever medicine and he was still able to fool around with his cousins when they came.

After the cousins left, he was still able to build a make shift shack with the help of his dad.

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Raw material of Shack :

- Kong kong's mattresses
- Declan's pink and white stripe blankie
- Kiat's patchwork blankie which he had since he was a boy
- our pillows

No wonder that boy kept climbing over me while I was sprawled on my bed working on my laptop. I was wondering where was this busy bee shifting our pillows and blankie to. I followed his laughter and found him weaving in and out of the make shift shag with kiat lying in there.

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Seems quite comfy huh? I had the honour of being invited into the shag. Quite comfy except that it's a little cramp.

With all these play, I thought his fever had went away. Little did I know, when he settled down and fell asleep, his fever shot up to 39 degrees C. I quickly fed him medication again and we got ready the bullet. If his fever don't come down in another 2-3 hours time, I'll probably insert the bullet or I may just bring him to the hospital Emergency department to get him checked.

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That's him getting all rosy from the temperature. He's in a drowsy state now due to the medication. Get well real soon little chap. I've sms my boss in advance, telling him I may take half a day leave tomorrow morning. Just in case he think I "keng" as tomorrow is a Monday...

Food we ate in Hong Kong

Frankly I don't really find the food in Hong Kong yummy. Perhaps I ate at all the wrong places. *shrugs*

This was my first meal in Hong Kong. It's actually pork ribs noodles. Kiat had sichuan vegetable with chicken noodles. I find mine extremely saltish. Nothing to cheer about. I can't complain, since I was so hungry, I didn't bother to really hunt around. I just find the most convenient little tea house and walked in.

What's to come is definitely more yummy!!!

It's mango frizz with fresh mango cubes plus mango icecream!!! DEFINITELY VERY SATISFYING for me!!! I am a mango craze!!! Look out for this dessert shop "许留山" if you are in hongkong. This is definitely a must try item!!! It cost a bout $4-$5 for that tub, but it's worth every single cent!

Everyone keeps telling me Wanton Mee must try must try, so I tried. Not nice leh... maybe wrong stall again... The only praise I can sing is they really have prawns inside their wanton... in Singapore, probably you'll only get part of a shrimp in a wanton.

These are the other food we ate for breakfast while we were there.

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This is a set meal which we had at Australian Dairy Company near Jordan. The name sounded so western, but on arrival you'll realised that it's settings are far from western. Each set comes with a plate of macaroni with ham in soup, toast and egg plus a drink. All for HK$20 (I think). Quite value for money. Taste wise was ok, I like the thick toast.

This is dim sum from their market. A really run down market which looks like the old time chinatown market. I was a bit worry about the cleanliness but nevertheless decided to try. For a total of about 6 choices plus 2 drinks we paid about HK$59. It taste quite good but of course when compared to what we ate on our last morning in a chinese restaurant, it's a great great difference! My advice is, if you are a dim sum craze, you should go for dim sum in restaurant. Taste is superb and price is reasonable. I survived! No tummy ache!

Roast Goose

Roast Goose is another dish which I was constantly reminded to try. So I went hunting for their famous Yung Kee Restaurant which is suppose to serve very good roast goose. I had a hard time hunting it down. My verdict, nothing to worship about. It taste just like roast duck but tougher. The serving was extremely small.... and it's quite expensive.


Dessert save the day!! I simply love their mango dessert!!

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We had mango filled dumpling, mango with coconut roll, pomelo mango, mango sago!! MANGO RULES!!!!

Look at our face and you'll know how satisfying these desserts are!!

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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Their little little snack rocks too!

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Pig's tongue and octopus! Delicious! a singapore dollar a stick!

Crime Scene

Who did this?? Who has been 'downloading' the content in my wallet into the Barney backpack? -_-"

- This blog was updated through my M1 mobile phone.

Tales of Babies

Happy Baby Tales

I was reading IMMomsdaughter's blog entry on "Why I love my girl?". In the second half of her entry, she shared her views on the difference of having a girl.

As I read on, I noticed, the differences that she pointed out of a girl, fits exactly what Declan is.

- Declan decides on what he wants and doesn't wants to wear. If he doesn't like any of his clothes, he'll remove it on his own (if we put it on for him) and says : I don't want, this one not nice one!"

If we praise him :" Wah Declan you look so handsome in this." He'll give you a shy smile which spreads across his face.

- When he likes something that I wear, he'll say :" Mummy, nice!"

- He loves to give us wet/sloppy kisses on the lips and cheeks.

- Quite often, he'll come to us and says :"Mummy/Daddy I love you!"

- He'll insist he only want his orange colour crocs on certain days.

hmmmm but mine is a boy!! I wonder whether it's because I keep thinking of a baby girl when I was preggy that resulted in him having these girly traits. heheheh I still like baby girls as I always think they are tamer and sweeter.

Sad Baby Tales

Ok, so much about my own boy. I am not complaining about his traits. In fact I love his girly traits. While I am rejoicing over the sweet actions of my own boy, somewhere on this island, a mum just lost her 1 year old boy.. :( Kiat's cousin's 1 year old boy passed away this afternoon. Sad isn't it?

The poor boy's lungs got infected due to the stupid haze... his health and immune system was already very weak before the haze invaded our sunny island. The haze plus his impeding heart problem, took him away from his months just 12 months after his arrival. Today was a gloomy rainy day, I'm sure the gloom added on to the mum's sadness.... I feel for her...

While 1 mum lost her child, another mum chooses to let go of her child due to marriage difficulties.... Sad... but I guess she don't have a choice. Putting myself in her shoes, it is indeed quite scary to raise a toddler and be pregnant while dealing with a very likely separation/divorce. Though the baby is not in me, but somehow I can feel a tiny phantom hand tugging at my heart when I heard the decision to let it go.... I wish the baby well and hope he will find happiness elsewhere when given a 2nd chance....