Return of the Mozzies!!

In a bide to protect his little son, Kiat went into a murderous mood yesterday night. Before we called it a day, he took out a can of insecticide and sprayed under our bed. I didn’t allow him to spray anywhere else as I was worried that the insecticide might settled on Declan’s toys, sarong, pillow and any other thing which he might pushed into his mouth.

I guessed, shortly after he did that, those mozzies which were hiding under the bed all fled and showed themselves! Out of nowhere, I suddenly heard a lot of loud “Piak Piak” sounds coming from the bedroom while I was in the kitchen. I walked into the bedroom and saw Kiat whirling about trying to kill the flying mozzies with bare hands. What a sight! Hahahah He managed to “finish off” only 2 miserable mozzies. We kept the light on for a long while and put ourselves out as baits, trying to lure the mozzies out so that we could kill them. Not much luck… mozzies were not taken in…. We thought since they did not appear, they might had left for good. So, we happily off the lights and off we went to dreamland.

I couldn’t quite get to sleep. Kept turning and tossing and just when I was about to fall asleep, Little Dec wailed… We on the lights again, picked him up from his sarong and were very upset to see that, he had been attacked by those hideous mozzies again!!!! This time, they attacked his face and head! Poor boy got 1 big bump just under his right eye and another 3-4 huge bumps distributed on his head. Kiat went frantic and started swearing at those mozzies!! He turned on his murderous mood again! He searched the room with his “bionic” eyes and HA! detected 1 mozzie lazing on the wall. He “Piak” with all his might and shouted 给你死!!!! So mozzie died. But he only managed to kill that one… I guessed the rest had already “turned in” after feasting on baby Dec….

We continued to fume for awhile, before Kiat decided to place BaBY Dec between the 2 of us and with him placing his hand on Dec’s head to protect his scalp from being attacked again. We wrapped him up with his “towel blanket”. That’s the least we can do for him now…..

I must get in all sorts of mozzie repllent, mozzie net, mozzie coils and whatever could keep mozzie away today!!! I can’t continue to let them bully my little baby like that!!!

Death to the Mozzies!!!

One day, after I entered my “Mozzie Kisses” entry, I woke up in the morning and found another huge mozzie bump on Little Dec’s upper left thigh and one more strategically planted on the top of his “sparsely haired” head…..

ARghhhhhhh Fed up!!! I swear that if I don’t kill u mozzie I’m not MAMA SEAH!!!!

But yesterday went pass uneventfully. In fact most of the day I was out so… Mozzie could just leisurely cruised around the flat without me threatening to drain it’s blood or my boy’s blood so to speak.

My mum went frantic after seeing Declan’s “bumpy” legs, he urged me to send him to the clinic. She’s worried about dengue fever. In fact I’m worried too and it didn’t help that there was report of rising Dengue Fever cases recently.

All these while, we were wondering how come Mozzie so clever, only kissed Declan and not the rest of the adults at home. However, this Mozzie was overcome by greed! Drinking from Declan could no longer quench it’s thirst and kill it’s hunger. It shifted his target from soft and tender Declan to tough and thick skinned me! 没死过!!!! I woke up with an itch on my right foot. I scratched scratched, open my eyes and wahhhh there was a huge bump on my foot! That really made me fume!! At the same time, I felt a sense of relieve because this meant that Mozzie had finally got sick of tasting Declan’s blood and decided to savor on his mama instead.

I was still lying in bed thinking about how I should declare war on the Mozzie Clan when I detected a black being perching quietly on my pillow. AH HA!!! It’s none other than MOZZIE!!!! I got overexcited and forgot that I promised to poke it with a needle. Instead I extended out my hand and *PIAK* hahahahah victory!!!! Mozzie was reduced to a little black mess. There was no “blood shed” leh…. It was just a black mess without any hint of blood…. uh-oh… did I malign that poor little mozzie?? Maybe it’s not him/her?? Maybe its it’s friend who was the culprit??!! Anyway I don’t care! For my baby’s sake, I’ll rather 宁可杀错不可放过 (rather kill wrongly, then to let the real culprit off)!!!! That’s an expression of motherly love, I suppose.


Mozzie Kisses

Stupid mozzie!!! Kissed Baby Dec ssssoooo many times!!!!! Look at his poor little limb.

So 可怜hor???!! I see liao so heart pain…Crying 1 Of all the 6 human beings at home… this idiotic mozzie gotta choose to sting the one with the least “catchment area”!!!! Not once but 7 times!!! All congregated on his left leg!

At least if mozzie choose to sting any one of the adults, we can locate the itch accurately and scratch it to sooth the itch… but for a baby he do not have the right motor skill to aim specifically at the little bumps and scratch them! Imagine how irritating it’ll feel if u are itching all over but unable to scratch it! Poor boy….

This mozzie better pray with all his available limbs that I dun see him!!! If i do I'm gonna use a needle to poke him and drain him of all my boy's blood!!Hot Head

Anyway chaps, I’ve uploaded about a few new pics on little Dec, you can see it here.

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Formula Rejection

It took Declan 6 over months for him to decide that he really doesn’t like formula milk… Prior to starting solid food, he seemingly loves formula; always drink till the last drop. Of late, he refuses to drink a single drop of formula when we are outside. He’ll rather wait till we are home so that he can savor on his favorite Mama’s brand milk. The wonderful thing is, he won’t fuss wor, not even when its way passes his feeding hour…. Hmmm weird…. What’s happening??

Tough Diaper Time

Nowadays it’s so tough to change diaper for Dec… By the time we manage to slap on a piece of fresh diaper on his butt, we’ll be so tired as if we just walk out of WWF wrestling ring…..This boy just refuse to lie on his back for even 3 seconds.. The moment you place him on the changing mat, he’ll flip over faster than how Mr Prata Man can flip over his prata. How to change diaper with him on his tummy??

So whoever changing him will have to wrestle with him. We’ll try to keep his butt on the mat and he’ll try to lift his butt off the mat. End result -> You have a screaming baby and a frustrated plus exhausted and sometimes “dirty” care taker. The “dirty” will take effect when he poo. Imagine the mess he’ll create when he keeps trying to flip over with his backside full of his excrement and then the “changer” will have to try to hold him down… My god…. Won’t the situation be worse when he learn to crawl??? Shocked Somebody! Save MMMMEeeeeeee……

Declan on TNP

Hiya! Declan appeared on yesterday TNP's "What's your pic" column with this pic

Cute hor??!

Declan's 1st Puree

Ingredients used:
2 small potatoes (really small ones which I can easily contain in my fist)
¾ of small carrot
20ml of breast milk

- Skinned potatoes and carrot
- Cut each potato into half, cut carrot into 3-4 equal sections
- Throw potatoes and carrots into a small pot of water and boil till soft and let them cool for awhile before putting them into the blender.

When blending, scoop a few tablespoons of the water used to boil the potatoes and carrots and add it into the blender. After pureeing the content, add in the breast milk and let the blender turn a few more rounds to mix the puree with the milk. You can choose to add more milk depending on how your baby likes his/her food consistency. Mine don’t seem to like his food too watery.

The above will give you approximately 2 small servings of potato and carrot puree.

I tried feeding Declan the first puree of his life and it’s also the first puree which I attempted. He seems to like his first few spoonfuls but within 10 spoonfuls he has lost his interest and started to spit it out….. Again… I wondered whether the puree is too blend… After contemplating for awhile, I pluck up my courage to taste a little with the tip of my tongue. Mind you! It contains my breast milk ok??!!! Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww… I got to squeeze my eyes shut and try not to remember that the milk comes from me…. If my baby can thrive well for the past 6 months on this holy liquid I guess it won’t kill me…. Hmmmm… indeed the puree tasted kind of blend..

To save the day, I added 3 tablespoons of Nestle plain rice cereals to the remaining serving of the puree plus about 70ml of warm water. He likes it! He manages to finish everything! Thank god! A sense of satisfaction washes over me! Ha! ROTFL

I’ve got another serving of the puree in the fridge. Will add it into his porridge this evening.

Skills update

Just few days ago, I was lamenting that Declan could not flip over from tummy to his back on his own. This evening, when I came back from office, Kiat happily announced to me that he had finally learnt to flip himself over!

I’ve also noticed that he had become really “mobile” nowadays. Placed him at one location and with a blink of the eye he’ll have “wormed” his way to another location. It’s no longer safe to place him on the bed without keeping a watchful eye over him.

At this stage, he can only move backwards. Place him on his tummy, he’ll raise his bum a little and put himself on his knees. He can’t crawl yet, still way too early, so he’ll just shove his bum this way and that and somehow he’ll end up moving backwards.

Oh, I also forget to add that, this little bundle seems to be able to sing his own lullaby! I guess, he’s very use to hearing Kiat’s monotonous and out of tune lullaby every night, so when his dad is not around to sing for him or when dad too lazy to sing, he’ll hum on his own…. tunelessly of course…… he’ll just go “arrrrrrrrrrr………arrrr………arrrrrrrr…….” sounds like an irritating mosquito buzzing around refusing to go….. The funny thing is, u can actually con him into “singing duet” with u!! When someone sings for him, he’ll stop his “mosquito like buzzing”, shortly after u stop; he’ll start “buzzing” again. U stop, he start, you start, he stop. I’ve got 2 Jay Chou at home!!

6th month statistics

Forgot to update Declan's latest statistics taken during his injection last week.

Length = 66cm
Weight = 8.170kg

I purposely sneaked to the polyclinic to meet up with Kiat and mil who brought Declan there for his jab. My objective was to be there as an angelic mother Angel to hold my baby close and comfort him after the jab. I had been a bad mama, cos for his last 2 jabs, I was not there with him so I must atone my sin.

"deeeee" the Q number jumped and reflected our number. I picked up baby, went in, nurse measured baby then proceeded to "interrogate" us and ok! time for jab! I chose to let Kiat be the bad papa Cigarwho would be sujecting the baby to the jab. My plan was like this : I'll let Kiat hold baby while nurse administered the jab and when baby brawl, I'll take over to comfort him. hehehhehehe so evil of me.

So ok, Kiat held baby, and nurse adviced :" ok mama u hold this toy and distract baby" Being the obedient angelic mum, I did as I was told and played clown to distract my boy. Nurse poked the needle in, I held my breathe and waited! No sound.. No reaction.... YET. ok well! I'm sure he gonna brawl when the vaccine is administered. Nurse injected the vaccine in! Again I waited, anticipating his loud screams. Waited.. waited.. waited ... and then Nurse said :" Wow what a brave boy! no tears no screams!"

Aye??? Sala leh?! He supposed to cry wor... I went with him on his first jab and he cried like no body business wor... His dad said he cried on the following jabs also leh... how come this jab no reaction one? aiyah... spoiled my plan of wanting to play angel mama... chey! wet blanket.... But I came out a proud mama! My boy didn't even flinch! Baby with Big GutS!

New Skills

Dec has acquired some new skills

1) “Kok Kok” Skill

When you carry him, bring him up to eye level, push forward your own forehead, aiming at his and say :” kok kok” he’ll knock his forehead on yours. It is SIL who teaches him to do that and this baby is pretty selective in who he wants to perform this act with.

SIL can attain almost 100% success in getting him to perform this little act. Me? Depends on his mood…. Success rate is about 50% only….

2) High 5!

Put your palm forward facing him and say “High 5!” in a high pitch voice and he’ll attempt to place his palm on yours. Sometimes, when he’s feeling lazy, he’ll simply just touch and go. When he is in high spirits, he enjoys “high fiving” with people and it will make he smile. Do it too many times at one goal and he’ll get bored and stop responding.

It’s his aunt, Jessica, who teaches him this. Success rate is about 80% when he is not fussing and of course the percentage declines with each successful act. Beware, novelty does wear out!

3) Peek-a-boo

Instead of me “peek-a-booing” him, he now knows how to be the one hiding. Put him in his sarong when he is not sleepy, throw in his smelly bolster and peek a boo a few times with him, he’ll then hold his bolster up and place it in front of his face waiting for u to pull away the bolster and “find” him. When you “find” him, it’ll make him giggle and he’ll repeat the act.

4) “Mum Mum Mum”

He’s calling me?? Fat Hope! We noticed that whenever mil is cooking and he’s in close proximity to smell the cooking, he’ll go “mum mum mum”. Hmmmm seems like he can relate smell to food and in term relate food to “mum mum mum”. He will also go “mum mum mum” when he’s crying for milk especially when he is extremely hungry in the wee hours of the morning.

One thing which I hope he’ll learn soon is how to roll over back to lying position when he is on his tummy. Before he learn how to roll over, we keep wanting him to learn, now that he has learnt to roll onto his tummy, we hope he’ll learn how to reverse his action.

At first, all smiles

In no time, he'll start crying, expecting someone to help him flip over....

It’s kinda weird that he can’t reverse his action right?? Nowadays after lying on his stomach for awhile, he’ll cry out for help, wanting us to either pick him up or to help him turn onto his back. I tried ignoring his pleas, hoping he’ll learn on his own accord out of desperation but that only invited louder screams from him… This is a fierce baby I have….

Milk and Porridge Issue Again!

I always thought that by feeding babies cereal and porridge, it’ll last them longer before they cry for their next feed. This is not the case for Declan though… hmmmm I’m confused!

Yesterday, about 1 and a half hours after I fed Declan porridge, he was whining and crying persistently. I thought he might be sleepy, so I put him in the sarong. It didn’t comfort him and he didn’t fall asleep. He kept on whining. So I took him out of the sarong and tried patting him to sleep. That didn’t work either. By then he’s fussing more fiercely. It suddenly strikes me that he might be hungry. So I warmed up a bottle of chilled milk and gave it to him. His eyes brighten and he happily sucked on the teat and displayed a real satisfied look while drinking. At the rate that he was drinking, one might think that this baby was left hungry for hours! But the fact was, he just finished one whole rice bowl of porridge! He finished up the milk in no time.

So, he was hungry! I wondered where the porridge went.

After feeding him, Kiat sat him upright and patted his back, suddenly he just puked up a river of porridge plus milk! It’s been a long time since he last puked that much! It used to happen to him when he was a newborn and doctor said that it was normal. I was shocked and couldn’t respond for awhile. Then I rearranged my thought and grab a hanky to clean him up. I took over him and comforted him, thinking that he must be feeling unwell. However, he was all smiles. Other than the soiled shirt, you couldn’t tell that he just puked that much from his face. He didn’t look unwell. Instead he looked cheerful and he had stopped fussing.

That’s really confusing!! So was he hungry? Or wasn’t he?? Did I overfeed him??? Did he puke because he was too bloated? If he’s feeling bloated, why did he cry for milk? Or was he crying for milk in the first place? If he was hungry, then why did he puke after finishing the milk? Aaaarghhhhh! How I wish he can talk! So that he could tell me what he want.... It pained me to see him puke that much……

Look Alike?

Initially I thought of adding this post in my Multiply and share my friends' views here after they voice their comments (if any). However, there seems to be some problem with and thus I keep getting an error message. So *shrugs* bo bian, I shall just post it here first and when decided not to "hang up and sell" then I'll put it there too.

I was just looking through my archives of photos and was showing my colleague my baby pics when Carol commented that this particular pic resembled Declan. So I itchy hand, put both of our pics together and decided to let you all decide if we really resemble each other.

Kiat said that our eyes and nose look like each other but not the lips. Obviously he looked more "well fed" then I did. If I'm not wrong I think that pic of mine was taken when I was about 3yrs old. So.. If we do look alike, then I guess Dec will look more or less like that when he is 3 years old, minus the hair of course.

Milk and Porridge Issues

Uh-oh… milk supply drop again these 2 days... Nowadays my milk supply is like charts in stock exchange… seesawing up and down… The last time I notice a drop in milk supply was during Christmas. However it picked up the next day. Now it drops again… after 30 mins in the office’s loo, I can only get 240ml… short 60ml…. I suspect the drop is due to my foul mood these 2 days. Feeling real frustrated over some things, so maybe unknowingly my mood affects my milk supply? Anyway, time to eat more fish and drink more papaya milk I guess.

Luckily Dec had started on solid, but the solid feedings are not really regular though. He’s only fed cereal whenever I am around and free to feed him. His grandma didn’t feed him in the afternoons, his dad won’t feed him in the evening when I’m not around unless being instructed… So much for initiative from the 2 child bearing advocates…….

Dec doesn’t seems to be particularly enjoying his solid food anyway. I think he’ll rather live without it for the moment. He eats only a small quantity at a time.

Last Sunday, I tried cooking some carrot porridge for him and of course I got interrupted in the kitchen. Instead of ME cooking the porridge, my mil took over and insisted she’ll cook. I know it’s all done in good intention but if she don’t allow me try, how will I ever learn????

I’m also stupid enough to try introducing new food to my baby in the presence of my super panicky mil AGAIN! I’ve did it once while introducing cereal when she’s around and I did it again this time!

She suggested adding some soy sauce into the porridge to which I objected because I read somewhere saying that we should delay introducing such flavorings to babies. I also naively thought that the shredded carrot would make the porridge “sweet”. She didn’t persist. Ok, porridge done! Got baby out, tied a bib and proceeded to feed him. He “test water” the porridge with the tip of his tongue and then his face got all crumpled up and he sealed his lips tight! No matter how I and my SIL tried he just refused to eat… SIL suggested heating up the porridge a little since it’s already cooled.

Ok! Porridge heated up to lukewarm. Kiat held baby, I tried feeding again. Still no go… He just refused to swallow any… arghhhh. SIL took over to try. By now MIL was screaming away saying he did not know how to eat so don’t force him. In the first place, ain’t she the one who said she wanted to feed him porridge when he was only 4+ months old? Always double standard! Angry!

Now I really wondered whether the porridge tasted lousy. I tried a little, YUCKS! It’s so blend!! Like plain water! No wonder baby refused to eat. Hmmmm who is the smart alec who inculcate in me the idea that just adding carrot to the porridge will make it sweet and savoring for a baby?? SIL suggested adding 1-2 tiny drops of soy sauce… relentlessly…. I gave in…

OK! Soy sauce added. I carried baby, SIL pushed a small mouthful of porridge towards Declan. He eyed it suspiciously and opened his mouth a little. SIL seized this opportunity and push the little spoon in. The moment the spoon went in, wahhh Little Botak’s eyes lighted up! You could literally see him widening his eyes as if he just tasted some heavenly delicacy. His face became “crease free”. So funny!! He was wide eye from that mouthful onwards and readily swallowed the following spoonfuls. Now that we succeeded in feeding him porridge with presuming 2 tiny drops of soy sauce, MIL was still jumpy and kept screaming for us to stop feeding him in case he got too bloated….. She then went on to smirk at me saying :” Just now I already told her to add soy sauce, she say don’t want mah! I brought up 7 babies in total liao you all think I still ignorant ah!” blah blah blah…

Although Dec seemed to enjoy his first few mouthfuls of porridge, he lost interest in it very quickly. He finished only about half. We thought he was full so we stopped. Shortly after, he was crying for his milk… Ain’t solid food supposed to last longer? Aiyoh…. Never mind… I’ll trial and error and hopefully I’ll get the feeding routine right….

Pray for my baby! In case I starve or overfeed him. Angel