New Year New Home

Dear All, I've finally put my feet down and decided to shift to my new home for the new year. Reasons being :

- This current blog takes donkey years to load,
- Some readers got problem accessing this site,
- The uploaded image and post will flicker every now and then,
- The posts will go blank sometimes,
- I got problems uploading the photos sometimes and it takes really long to upload the photos..
- The worse things was, some mamas cannot leave comments... arghhhhh.....

I was collecting feedback and some people still prefer this current template while some prefer that of my new home Ratio is 50:50. Thus I based my decision on the final vote from a "wise" man - my boss. His opinion is that the layout and theme seems better at wordpress and the best advantage is, it loads so much faster.

So bye bye blogspot, I am shifting to wordpress. Do hop over to our new home ok? See ya!

Traffic Watch

A traffic jam was observed in a flat in the western area. A 2.5yr old todd is suspected of causing the jam. The actual reason of the jam is unknown. If you are in a rush, please avoid that area. - Traffic Watch brought to you by Baby Talk Blog

1st Day of 2007

I put my non existence cooking skill to test on the 1st day of 2007. I attempted to prepare breakfast for the big one and the little one. Poor them to have a woman who can't cook as their wife and mum. Too bad!!! *snigger snigger*

That's what I managed to prepare. Sausages, Sardine sandwiches and eggs. That's the best I could do. :p The eggs were overcooked, the sausages tasted alright though a tad too oily, the sardine sandwhiches tasted so-so.

I've read the baking experiences of a few mums on their blog. Baking intrigues me. It look interesting and the products look lovely and tasty. I'm so tempted to pick up baking so that I can bake something nice for Declan but my determination is not there :p

My 2007 Resolution :

To get my driving license and pick up baking

Will I be able to fulfill my resolution? I've got 1 year to achieve both, having said that I feel the absence of my determination......

Our 2006 New Year Eve

Our little family spent the last few days of 2006 and first few days of 2007 at our own nest. It's a great feeling to be at our own home. I really appreciate the space as well as the peace. We spent the afternoon at my dad's place because it's his birthday.

Me :"Declan, let's go! We going to kong kong's place."
Dec : "Yeah!!! Go kong kong's place see dog dog!!"
Me :" Go kong kong's place not to see Kong kong but to see dog??....." -_-"

What a filial grandkid my dad has....

So off we went to my dad's place. Of course when we were there, his focus was on the dog instead of the grandpa. He has this love hate relationship with ah girl (the dog). He loves to tease her and yet when he got her excited, Ah Girl will jump on him excitedly and he'll get frightened, cry and Ah girl will get a scolding from my dad for jumping on him. I feel sorry for Ah girl as I know she mean no harm. After he calm down, he'll go chase after Ah girl again... and she'll get excited again and when he turns around, she'll in turn be chasing him and he'll cry again and of course she, for no reason will get another scolding from the doting kong kong. It's a dog's life yeah? ha!

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My sis was there too. This is a heartless woman whom the whole family hardly sees her. It's been a year since she last visited my dad and I had to nag and curse at her for her to show face today. She, just like me and some members of my family are game craze. I've mellowed down a lot when it comes to gaming. Where got time now?? I got a todd running my life! My sis had a Nintendo DS in her bag, the moment she flashed it out, I conquered the machine, even the presence of my little todd didn't deter me!!

We had an early dinner there and left for some last minute shopping before heading home to join the rest of the Lims in their "neighbourhood" party.

Same like last year, we headed down to Fullerton vicinity to catch the fireworks. We arrived early and even have time to take a snapshot near fullerton. His grandma make use of the waiting time to teach Declan his numbers.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here's a few snapshots of the fireworks on New Year Eve.

Happy 2007 to all of you, may your new year be a peaceful and cheerful one.