We ate our Deepavali Away

Yesterday was Deepavali, thus we got a day off. We simply ate our day away! On our off days, we would usually sleep in late. As per all other off days, we woke up around 10+am and by the time we got ready to move out, it's almost lunch time. We brought mil along and thus I chose chinese food so that it suits mil better. We settled for Canton Paradize at Star Vista. Star Vista had since became one of our regular food haunts due to it proximity to where we stay.

Di Di was as cheeky as ever, he was super happy with his bowl of wanton noodles. 

The dad was a happy man too cos the food was good.  The crispy char siew bun is a must try.  Yummy!

Even choosy Kor Kor slurp up most of his roast duck noodles.

After our lunch the dad brought the whole brood to bugis to pay respect at the temple before going home.  As I was bogged down by my chronic back pain, I suggested for the boys to go swimming while I rest at home.  Naturally the 2 boys were thrilled, these 2 were simply water babies! They love to immerse themselves in water.  I made use of the time to snooze for nearly 2 hours.

By the time they came home, it's makan time again!!! God.... it's a tough job trying to stay trim!!  We had Ichiban Boshi for dinner! another of my favourite haunts. Love their reasonably priced sets.  While waiting for food the dad started snapping photos to past time, can't even wait for me to get off the phone!

I wonder why Kor Kor looked kinda angry in these pic.  Probably he hated eating.
On the contrary, Di DI looked super glad facing his food.  Today he surprised all of us by asking for Cha Soba.  This is the first time he tried Cha Soba and he gave me his verdict after the meal - Mummy I preferred cold noodles more than the hot noodles.  Great! cos I am a Cha Soba fan as well.

Kor Kor still looking grouchy but cute hahahhaha

In the midst of the meal Di Di robbed me of my cardigan as he said he was cold. Effect of cold noodles??
Di Di has got good appetite, after his cold noodles he asked for an extra servings for tamago maki.
After their food they got restless and started to poke fun at me.......... -_-
Step by Step picture of Kor Kor breaking into a sneeze while we try to pose for the last few pics hahahahh. So comical.

That was how we ate our PH away.... nothing really constuctive but we had a blissful day. :)